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Temapack made flow pack packaging machines, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) system, Long-Dwell system for airtight packaging with preservative gas, bread packaging pasteurization lines, jog loaders for cookies and crackers, gravity loaders for cookies and crackers. Spare parts for packaging machines

TEMA PACK ( packaging machines - flow pack machines )

22/07/2024 19:08:33


Universal spare parts for packaging machines


Universal heaters for heat sealing wheels


dimensions: (50 x 30 x 4)mm - 110 Volt - 250 Watt

dimensions: (55 x 65 x 4)mm - 110 volt - 250 Watt

Resistenze universali per ruote saldanti

Spiral wound heaters


dimensions: diameter 6.35mm - spiral diameter 92mm - 230 Volt - 450 Watt
dimensions: diameter 6.35mm - spiral diameter 105mm - 230 Volt - 450 Watt

Resistenze avvolte a spirale

Universal heaters for crimper unit


dimensions: diameter 6.35mm - length (170 - 220 - 240 - 300 -320 -350)mm
110 Volt - (200 - 300 - 500)Watt

Resistenze universali tagliacuci

Thermocouples in iron-constantan


(2,5 x 20)mm ztc -10/FC

(2 x 100)mm ztc -50/FC

(4 x 30)mm ztc 14/FC

(5 x 20)mm ztc 15/FC

Sonde termocoppia in ferro costantana

Hooks in non-toxic plastic


base: 30mm
length: 40mm
height: 30mm

ganci in plastica atossica

Paddles for hook


base: 20mm, height: 30mm
base: 40mm, height: 50mm

palette per gancio

Flat conveyors


base: 25mm, length: 30mm
base: 70mm, length: 25mm

trasportatori piani

Product outlet belts


width: (170 - 200 - 240)mm with longer lengths available on request

tappeti uscita prodotto



- Knives for horizontal packaging machines

- Knives for vertical packaging machines


Indelible non-toxic black pigment belt


length: 183 m
width: 30 mm

nastro pigmentato

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