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Temapack made flow pack packaging machines, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) system, Long-Dwell system for airtight packaging with preservative gas, bread packaging pasteurization lines, jog loaders for cookies and crackers, gravity loaders for cookies and crackers

TEMA PACK ( packaging machines - flow pack machines )

25/02/2024 23:53:29


Packaging machines flow pack:
C 50


pdfData sheet C50 packaging macjine


packaging machines C 50



Technical features:

- Performance: up to 80ppm.
- Product dimensions: max. width 150mm, max. height 100mm.
- Band dimension: max. 400mm.
- Reel: max. diameter 350mm.
- Packaging material: heat-sealable film and cold-sealable material, polyethylene
- Machine weight: 600 Kg.


Electrical features:

- No. 2 brushless motors managed by dedicated electronic control
- Programmable keyboard for format width management
- Temperature control with electronic thermostats
- Power supply 400V - 50Hz - 3 Ph - Gnd
- Installed power 5 kW



- Print centring photocell
- Printing unit
- Loading belt extension
- Wheel pre-heating for special sealing
- Alcohol system

Tema Pack reserves the right to modify its machines and data provided in any moment without warning.
Data and images are published solely for illustration and do not bind the manufacturer in any way.




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